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Kimono Jack
Extract from the hyperjapan.co.uk

The "Kimono Jack" event was started by 11 kimono lovers from Japan who found that there were not enough occasions to wear kimonos. So they thought, why don't we create events to wear kimonos? 
Their blog: Kimono Jack

In March 2010, the first Kimono Jack was organized using Twitter, and 40 participated. Since then, Jack Kimono events took place in Fukuoka, Aichi, Gunma, Saitama, Kyoto, Tokyo and Sapporo, and the number of participants is growing steadily.

Subsequently, Kimono Jack spread, to Kimono lovers in several places of the world, see "Other Jack` s" in the panel to the right.

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Kimono Jack Denmark
Has become due to Lyuba guide, which is accessible and easy to follow.
Use your kimono, come along, hang out with other kimono lovers and have a nice day.
You can see upcoming events here on the blog or on Denmark_Jack, everyone is welcome to join, register is nice, but you are always welcome to join on the spot.

What can an event be:
An event is an informal meeting. 
An exhibition, a trip to the Zoo, Cafe, every opportunity we can find, where we can enjoy our kimono `s 
Common to all events, is the opportunity to wear your kimono.

How often :
Basically, there will be an event every 3 months, this can be changed continuously.
You are welcome to suggest an event

All you need is to bring your curiosity and enthusiasm.

There can be no direct sales between participants for a Kimono Jack event, but networking is allowed, and then you can always arrange something outside Kimono Jack auspices.

See you at Denmark Jack